We feel part of the communities we work in

We run social projects aimed at tackling issues such as inequality, poverty and the risk of social exclusion. This is a way of helping to meet the needs of the communities in the places where we operate.

‘FCC Volunteers’

The ‘FCC Volunteers’ programme was launched in response to particular social needs. Our own employees participate in the programme in order to make the Esther Koplowitz Foundation social project a reality.

Since FCC launched this programme in 2008, it has contributed year after year through various social initiatives in cooperation with this Foundation.

This corporate volunteer programme has been selected by the Sustainability Excellence Club to be included in its catalogue of good corporate responsibility business practices.

Wide range of social actions

Each FCC business area carries out programmes to promote social development, culture, sports and healthcare, depending on the particular demands of the communities they operate in.

Of particular note are some initiatives run by Cementos Portland Valderrivas, such as the ‘Fifth Campaign to collect toys, clothes and food' and the ‘Fourth Fair Trade Forum’ organised with Intermón-Oxfam. In total, the FCC cement division contributed more than €2.6 million to various social projects.

The Environment division, meanwhile, spent €3.7 million on initiatives to protect our natural surroundings and encourage efficient use of resources.

Another important project is Escuelas Verdes ('Green Schools') in Buenos Aires, which promotes a culture of eco-efficiency in schools. It focuses on waste separation and conservation of drinking water and energy.