€6.2 million invested in social action projects

We accept our social responsibility to the communities we work in, by generating jobs, well-being and wealth. And we ensure that this is always underpinned by ethics, integrity and transparency.

Significant initiatives

Some of FCC's divisions have developed successful social initiatives. Cementos Portland Valderrivas, for example, contributed more than €0.8 million in 2010 to various social projects, while the Environment division's social initiatives generated economic value of around €3.7 million.

Environmental classroom

‘The future of the Earth is in the classroom’ is a social project carried out as part of FCC's Second Corporate Responsibility Master Plan. The project's objective is to raise children's awareness about the impact of our daily activities on the environment

The project also seeks to develop attitudes, behaviours and habits in children that will give them greater respect for their environment.

Employees at work

We place emphasis on getting our employees involved in our social projects. For this reason, FCC has a corporate volunteer programme aimed at reducing inequality, poverty and the risk of social exclusion.

FCC volunteers

The ‘FCC Volunteers’ programme carries out social work to help the most disadvantaged groups within society, particularly the elderly and people with mental disabilities.

In 2010, this volunteer programme helped 447 people, with 100 FCC employees taking part.