A company recognised for its social and educational work

Part of the work we do is to educate the public about environmental issues through awareness-raising campaigns and by giving environmental classes in schools. We also work to help contribute to progress in the communities we work in.

Education, the key pillar of our social action

Education is one of the main factors required for social development and progress, and this is why it plays a fundamental role within our social actions.

We act in two areas, schools and universities, participating in conferences, seminars and occasional courses held by the educational institutions in the countries where we operate.

Transparency and participation

We have a clear commitment to transparency and participation in all the social projects that our business areas carry out.

We carry out control actions and periodic reviews of each of these projects in order to measure their impact and, even more importantly, to identify the value they generate.

An engine for social progress

FCC's activities provide a source of wealth and employment for the communities we work in. The infrastructure projects we carry out and the services we provide are one of the main engines of progress in society.

On some occasions, however, our activities can have a certain negative impact on local communities, for example the extraction of materials by the Cement division and the impact of our waste management activities.

For this reason, our subsidiaries not only produce environmental impact studies, but also encourage dialogue with the local communities affected by our activities, in order to maximise the social benefits of these projects.

Meanwhile, as part of our commitment to being a socially responsible company, we have implemented an educational project for children entitled ‘The future of the Earth is in the classroom’.