Committed to talent

The goal of FCC's human-resources policy is to ensure excellence in performance and to make a commitment to our employees, fostering a healthy, discrimination-free environment to attract and encourage talent. As a group we are committed to talent and developing our employees' careers. 

FCC invests constantly in training programmes to improve  performance and open up new opportunities for our employees so that they develop their careers while working with us.



Participants/Hours of training 

  2019 2018
Participans 42,535   51,981
Hours of training 384,948 452,811




Hours of training by business

  2019 2018
Environmental services 51.65% 60.50%
Integrated water management 19.96% 17.90%
Construction 20.89% 15.60%
Cements 5.14%    4.2%
Central services 2.36% 1.80%


Participants by gender

  2019 2018
Men 75% 81%
Women 25% 19%