More than €12 million spent on R&D&I projects

Among the most outstanding lines of innovation, currently, are those related to the fleets of electric vehicles for the collection of urban waste or drones for the supervision of the sewerage, projects for the treatment of urban wastewater in a more respectful way with the environment , projects for collaborative work methodologies that enable the virtual construction of a building or infrastructure through the generation of three-dimensional models, as well as those projects about transformation of CO2 into chemical products by bioconversion.

Pillars of sustainability

R&D&U projects are one of the pillars of FCC's sustainability. Against a backdrop of increasingly scarce resources, it is of key importance to develop new materials, optimise processes and ensure efficient use.

We minimise negative impacts

Our areas of action focus on sustainable urban development, the design of new sustainable products, optimisation of processes, and improvement of our information technologies, process control and data management.

A dual advantage

Investing in R&D&I has two advantages; it makes an effective contribution to sustainable development and also offers advanced companies in this field the opportunity to develop competitive advantages.

The main pillar of our research work

FCC takes part in various working groups involved in sustainable construction, the main pillar of the research work. We also took part in groups working on environmental sustainability, both at home and abroad.