Socially-responsible actions

Our corporate responsibility master plans reflect our commitment to sustainability in all our actions. The master plan incorporates the goals we have set in order to fulfil our corporate responsibility policy and meet our stakeholders' expectations.

First and Second CR Master Plan

The First and Second FCC Corporate Responsibility Master Plans, produced between 2007 and 2010, incorporated objectives relating to good governance, the attraction and retention of talent, occupational health and safety, the battle against climate change, eco-efficiency, dialogue and cooperation.

Of all the projects carried out under the First Master Plan, the most significant were the approval of the previously-mentioned Code of Ethics and the inclusion of corporate responsibility as a pillar of our strategic plan.

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Third CR Master Plan

The Third Corporate Responsibility Master Plan sets out our commitment to sustainability in all the actions we carry out.

In order to fulfil this commitment, we work to act responsibly on the basis of three strategic areas of action: connection with citizens, intelligent services, transparency and good governance.

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