Municipal services have been FCC's core activities for more than 100 years

FCC Environment is one of the largest environmental services companies in the world operating since 1911. It provides urban sanitation services to the whole of Spain and a wide number of countries in Europe, Africa and America, through: FCC Medio Ambiente (Spain), FCC Ámbito (Industrial waste management and soil recultivation), FCC Environment (UK), FCC Environment (CEE) and FCC Environmental Services (USA).

The company operates in over 5,000 municipalities across the world where it improves the well-being of over 60 million citizens. It boasts over 100+ years of experience, which is reflected in the diversity of services it provides: collection, treatment, recycling, energy recovery and disposal of solid urban waste, street cleansing, sewer network maintenance, ground maintenance and preservation of green spaces, polluted soils recovery and comprehensive management of industrial waste.

FCC Environment is committed to using technological innovation int he services it provides to help improve the well-being of citizens and to make cities in wich it operates more sustainable. As a result, we have the most advanced fleet of vehicles in the world, equipped with the most innovative systems: over 2,100 lorries with a sustainable propulsion system including electric, hybrid and natural gas vehicles.