We provide an effective response to urban challenges

In order to be sustainable, cities must find successful solutions to the challenges facing them as a result of demographic, economic, environmental and social changes. We help cities to become sustainable by providing high-quality services to citizens.

More efficient and transparent administration

Estimates suggest that 80% of the world's population will live in cities by 2050. Cities will be of enormous importance, both politically and in the management of their public resources.

Transparency and efficiency in the management of these resources will be crucial in order to provide high-quality services to citizens.

This means that public authorities will have to take citizens' opinions into account and encourage transparency, particularly financial transparency.

Similarly, collaboration between the public and private sectors will be a decisive factor in the cities of the future.

Challenges and opportunities

The evolution of cities presents numerous challenges, but also offers innumerable business opportunities. FCC aims to provide a satisfactory response to the challenges and to take advantage of the business opportunities.

We believe that the cities of the future will face a range of challenges. The first of these involves the need to develop new products, services, technologies, systems and models that will lead to a more efficient use of resources such as water and energy.

The related business opportunities are a fundamental part of our Strategic Plan. FCC aims to be a pioneer in developing a model for sustainable cities through its business areas of services, infrastructures and renewable energy and hopes this will enable it to grow globally, with focus on these areas.