Solid waste treatment, recycling and energy recovery at over 700 centres

FCC has over 300 centres that handle 24,5 million tonnes solid waste per year. This waste is treated through thermal, composting, biomethanisation, recycling or incineration processes, and the use of sanitary landfills.

At FCC we treat waste as a resource, reusing and recycling everything possible and making use of the energy value of the remaining fraction when feasible.

FCC operates the widest variety of treatment facilities in the world including mechanical sorting, composting, anaerobic digestion and energy-from-waste plants.

In many locations multiple technologies are combined to ensure the most complete waste recovery possible.

More than 130 sanitary landfills receive the fraction of waste left after recycling and energy recovery. Biogas is captured from the landfills to produce energy and the company is installing wind turbines at landfill sites to further increase energy production.

Waste Treatment,  Recycling,  Energy Recovery and Disposal services in numbers:

  • 24,5 million tonnes waste per year
  • Delivering services to 42 million people
  • More than 700 treatment, recycling and disposal facilities

FCC operates  through the following companies: